A Cowboy’s Midnight Kiss: Romancing Griffin Stone

She lost her drawl and traded her 501s for Roberto Cavalli, but she’s still a simple Carolina country girl at heart.

Cassidy Cantrell sacrificed her own dreams to become the wife of a world renowned heart surgeon. But eight years later, she knows it’s over. Divorced from the man of her mother's dreams - Cass has to face up to the fact it's time to move on. Looking to get away to a place where she can reclaim herself, she accepts an invitation to spend the holidays at a posh ski resort. But almost the minute Cassidy lands in Jackson Hole, she breaks a boot heel, sprains her ankle, and gets swept off her feet by a smoking-hot, blue-eyed Rancher.

He never could have imagined his soul mate walking into his life in stiletto heeled boots...
Jilted by his fiancée a couple years ago, Wyoming rancher Griffin Stone splits his time between a family ranch and managing investment properties in the ski resort town of Jackson. But something is missing. After placing his own desires on hold to look after his military brother's family, Griff longs for happiness of his own. But a rich, city girl from Florida who sprains her ankle after her heel breaks?
"Sweetheart, boots like that are only good for one thing...and it sure ain't walkin.'"

He thinks he has the city girl all figured out, but the more he learns about her past, the more he believes she just might be the woman of his dreams.

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Treacherous Temptations -2014 RONE Winner Best historical Post Medieval Romance

An innocent, country heiress and a worldly, impoverished aristocrat are brought together in this glorious Georgian romance. With lush, flawless prose and a plot steeped in rich, historical details, Victoria Vane owns the Georgian era. – Jill MacKenzie, Romantic Historical Lovers Blog

Treacherous Temptations

2014 RONE Winner Best Historical Post Medieval Romance

A reluctant heiress resigned to her fate … Mary Elizabeth Edwardes has one of the largest fortune's in England, but has no desire to leave her quiet country existence… and even less to acquire a husband she cannot choose for herself.

A dissolute nobleman bent on retribution … Trapped in a duplicitous existence since scandal destroyed his fortune and family name, Lord Hadley Blanchard has spent the better part of a decade posing as a disaffected exile while spying and seducing in the service of the English Crown.

A dangerous game of seduction, and intrigue … When summoned from abroad by a former lover, Lord Hadley perceives an opportunity for vengeance at last. By employing the full measure of his seductive charm, he woos the ward of the man who destroyed his life, little knowing that winning Mary's fortune will mean risking his own treacherous heart.  EXCERPT  Buy Now: B&N   Amazon   Kobo  iBooks

The Redemption of Julian Price

She gave him a chance to bury his past… but the price would be his heart...

Burdened by the past…Orphaned at a young age and left to run wild, at eighteen Julian Price joins the fight against Napoleon in the hope of attaining honor. Devastated when his best friend, Thomas, is killed in battle, Julian returns home burdened with guilt, only to find his wastrel uncle has squandered his inheritance.

Desperate to live her own life… Facing a future of drudgery caring for her aging mother and raising her brother’s children, Henrietta Houghton believes her chance at a real life died with Thomas, the only man who ever wanted her. But Henrietta is still full of dreams. When her wealthy aunt, offers her a gift of ten thousand pounds, Henrietta finally has the chance to choose her own destiny.

Everything has a price...With a fortune at her command, Henrietta offers Julian a marriage of convenience, unaware that she really offers Julian a means of salvation—not just his fortune, but his very soul.

Coming January 2016 in the Limited Release BOX SET - ONCE UPON A TRUE LOVE'S KISS

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THE SHEIK RETOLD 2015 RONE FINALIST & LASR Nominee for Best book of 2013

"Told in first person, this was a fantastic fit for retelling of a 1920’s classic but with bedroom door fully open. Ms. Vane’s writing voice is one that lends itself to being reminiscent of the writing style of E M Hull.... The story pulled me in from the first page and (not quite as literally as Diana’s dilemma) held me captive. There wasn’t ever a doubt that this was a romance but from the way it begins I kept reading to see if and how a mystery would be solved and how Diana would make her way back to her desert lover. For those who look for exciting capture themed books with just a dash of bodice ripper fantasy, The Sheik Retold is a must read." - Long and Short Reviews

The Sheik Retold

2014 RONE Finalist Best Historical Post Medieval Romance, LASR Nominee Best Book of 2013.

The Desert Was Never Hotter! 

A haughty young heiress …for whom the world is a playground… 

A savage son of the Sahara… who knows no law but his own… 

When pride and passion vie for supremacy, blistering desert days are nothing compared to sizzling Sahara nights…

Pride and passion vie for supremacy between a haughty young heiress and a savage son of the Sahara in this steamy retelling of E.M. Hull’s romance classic.  EXCERPT  Buy Now: Amazon, B&N